Cushion, Towing Equipment
Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

Model 740-2.5 Hitch
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 

800 Series Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

750 RT-R 2.5
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 


Cushion Hitches

Schuck Cushion Hitches carries cushion hitches that fight compression and don't immediately bottom out like spring hitches. Our cushioned towing equipment will reduce the wear of any sized load and will not reach the final stages of compression until 40,000 lbs. of pressure is exceeded.

Cushion vs Spring

Our powder coated cushion hitches are the superior choice over other standard receiver hitches. While a spring hitch begins compressing at a certain amount of weight, cushion hitches fight compression. Some additional advantages include less wear on your drive train and even reduced driver fatigue.

These cushion hitches are also engineered to absorb minor or major tongue thrust shocks from towing off-road or on the highway. The innovative design of each hitch contains injection-molded urethane cushions to absorb end thrust shock and high-density polyurethane bearings to increase tongue loads. There is no metal-to-metal contact, which translates into a smoother, quieter ride that is virtually maintenance-free.

Hitch, Cushion Hitches in Naples, FL

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