Cushion, Towing Equipment
Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

Model 740-2.5 Hitch
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 

800 Series Cushioned Hitches, Towing Equipment

750 RT-R 2.5
Made for new 2 1/2" inch recievers as well as 2015 models 


Swivel Hitches & Repair Kits

Schuck Cushion Hitches is your source for reliable swivel hitches for your next haul. You'll also find replacement parts and repair kits with us. Make sure the next time you purchase towing equipment, it is a smart, efficient decision.

The Swivel Advantage

You don't have to back in at the perfect angle to hook up your hitch. Our swivel hitch pivots 60 degrees laterally (left to right) in order to better reach whatever it is you're hauling. The hitch also features secure, automatic latching and a rattle-free ride.


Repair & Rebuild Kits

To maintain the superior quality of our cushion hitches, the urethane cushions and polyurethane bearings may need to be replaced after eight to 10 years of use. Schuck offers a complete line of rebuild kits to extend the life of your hitch. All components are easily accessible and replaceable.

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